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Greetings to fellow inheritors of the world.

We are glad that we are happily united in our Vision and sight to preserve, propagate, progress and profess the unified front to face the various adversities and calamities of the world and our resoluteness to combat challenges shall continue. We shall constantly endeavour to establish peace, harmony, camaraderie, companionship, compassion and confidence in multitudes of people. We need to remind ourselves of the pre-eminent position for peaceful, cooperative and mutually beneficial meaningful existence for truly leading a total quality and fulfilling lives. It is possible if we work in unison leaving aside our divergent, disparate dispositions. In diversity we find unity, in integrity we evolve into better human beings. In this eternal spirit of accommodating let us all live happily, let us all be free from diseases and let us all be free from differences and enmity.

Love is God and Live in Love

Structure of the World People's Alliance

President - International Alliance of Peoples of the World for South East Asian Region for Education, Culture and Healthcare.

Pujya Swamiji, as Prof. Dr. A.V. Srinivasan is reverentially addressed, is the founder Managing Trustee of Sri Paripoorna Sanathana Charitable Trust ® (SPSCT), Founder Chairman of Sri Paripoorna Sanathana Ayurveda Medical College Hospital and Research Centre (SPSAMC & RC) and Founder Managing Partner of Ikya Initiative in Ancient Healing Systems (IIAHS). Having attained realization at a very young age, Swamiji has profound knowledge and understanding of Indian philosophy, with deep spiritual insights. Pujya Swamiji being a great visionary, stablished these organizations with the objective of serving society, and successfully xecutes projects aimed at the welfare of society, especially rural development.

Pujya Swamiji willingly renounced an illustrious career in Delhi to take up the noble cause of service to humanity and has been actively engaged in bringing succour to the rural needy.

Himself a renowned Varmalogist / Marma Chikitsa expert, Swamiji is a great advocate of our traditional and ancient healing systems and a strong proponent of the practice of integrated medicine

Ambassador for Peace
Prof. Dr. A V Srinivasan


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Secretary General of the Alliance of Peoples of the World

President of the Economic Peace Center in Eastern Europe, CIS - Russia

President of the Friends of Israel Federation of Compatriots Living Abroad

Honorary Trustee of the UNESCO Category II Center, Responsible for the creation of a coalition of host UNESCO member States and for the representation of the UNESCO Category II Center in the UN, co-founder and co-author, responsible for organizing the creation and work of the Coordination Council of the UNESCO Category II Center

Ambassador-at-Large for the Economic Peace Center, Special Representative for the Peaceful Resolution of International Conflicts

Peace Ambassador, Doctor
Alexander Shapiro-Suliman

International People's Alliance of the world

Manmadhan Manickam Rajendran

Secretary International Alliance People of the World for South East Asia Region.

Head of Education Department-General Academics and Medical Academics in the Integrated Platform (Conventional and Traditional System of Medicine)

Manmadhan is an experienced Eduprenuer with a demonstrated history of working passionately in the education sector across the Indian sub-continent since almost two decades. He works with a strong commitment to bring in the best of new age innovations from across the globe & make it digitally accessible to the knowledge seeking learners enabling them be ahead of the curve in their lives.

International People's Alliance of the world

Kaliadova Tatsiana

Chief Communications Officer - International Relations

She heads the Public Relations & Outreach Programs globally. Having post graduated from Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after Maxim Tank in the year 1989.

Deeply passionate about education, she served as a primary school teacher embodying EDUCARE ( human values) for children.

As well graduated from piano school and qualified as a nurse for civil defence.

Member Organizations and Partners of the Alliance of Peoples of the World


Anantha Vijnana Sampada


Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth

Ministry of Ayush

Healthcare and Wellness


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Peace Award

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